Frequently Asked Questions


What are HOMELAB’s services?

  • Laboratory Tests including COVID19
  • Imaging and Diagnostic Test
  • Doctor Home Visit
  • Nursing / Allied Health Professional Home Visit
  • Online Medical Consultation


Do you have doctors available for consultation?

HomeLab has roster of adult and pediatric physicians for consultation.  We even have emergency physicians who can do home-visits, too.


Who and what are the specialization of HOMELAB doctors?

Our physicians come from a variety of specializations to cater to your different health needs.

  • Maternal and Child Health
  • Adult Medicine
  • Pulmonology
  • Infectious Disease Medicine
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Dermatology
  • General & Aesthetic Surgery


What areas do you cater to?

HomeLab medical field team has done home visits across Luzon cities and towns.  HomeLab clinic sites are in Greater Manila Area.  Expansion is on- going in Luzon and in selected islands.


How can one book or request for a HOMELAB medical service?

Request for your medical test via the HOMELAB PH App and experience tech-based healthcare at its finest.

Download the HOMELAB PH App




What are HOMELAB’s bank details for my online payment?

HomeLab is the medical brand of PROSPEROUS ABUNDANCE.  Online payments will be made to the account of Prosperous Abundance.


BDO                   011-818-000-487

CBC                 1320-00-00254-6

CTBC                  0150-1700-0738

PNB                    1452-70005107

MBTC              660-7-66002363-8


When do I need to pay for my HOMELAB services?

To minimize


How soon can I get my test results?

Rapid Antigen Test | result known to patient in 15-30min | results uploaded in QR Code in 4 hours

RT PCR Tests | results uploaded in QR Code in 12 hours

Standard Lab Test | results uploaded in QR Code in 12 hours

Chest X-Ray | results uploaded in QR Code after 24 hours

Imaging Diagnostic Tests | results uploaded in QR code after 24-48 hours


How can I learn more about HOMELAB Beauty Surgery?

Immediately request of the free online consultation with our surgeon so you can better navigate your next best step.  This will be followed by your face to face consultation (with doctor’s professional fee).


Where can I get more information about your MediCAB program?

Please email to your biodata, copy of your vehicle registration and driver’s license. Our MediCAB team will get in touch with you.


Where can I get more information about your MEDex program?

Please email to your resume and copy of your PRC license. You will be contacted by MEDex officers Joyce Manlangit, RMT and Heidi Venturina.